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We are excited to introduce two drop-in puppy playtime classes at Companion Veterinary Clinic starting Sunday, October 16th. These classes will run every Sunday. They are fun, positive classes in a controlled environment that allows your puppy to play with other dogs in the same age group! Please bring a leash, flat collar and treats to every class! Contact Companion Veterinary Clinic to sign-up. Hope to see all your adorable puppies there!

Puppy Socialization & Exploration Classes

Puppy Classes at Companion Veterinary Clinic

Puppy Classes at Companion Veterinary Clinic

Did you know Companion Veterinary Clinic offers Puppy Classes? It is so important to enroll your puppy in socialization and exploration classes during their critical socialization period which ranges from 3-16 weeks; however, because puppies should not be removed from their litter until 8 weeks of age, we have a lot of work to do in a short period of time!

This sensitive period should involve introducing your puppy to many different environments, people, sounds, and other animals in a positive and controlled manner. Our classes will teach you how to do this and also to watch for the signs that your puppy may not be enjoying themselves. Socializing with other puppies is crucial to learning dog manners. As well, discussions on common behavioural concerns occur weekly.

Space is limited so if you are interested, please register at Companion Veterinary Clinic, phone us at 780-439-4353, or click here for more information.

About Companion Veterinary Clinic

We are located in the bustling communities of south Edmonton. You’ll find us just south of the Anthony Henday Drive overpass on 111th street, by the Ellerslie Rugby Fields.

At Companion Veterinary Clinic, we understand your pets are family. We are a full-service animal hospital and our goal, every day, is to provide the best vet care possible. We will care for your pets as we would our own. Our motivation comes from nurturing the human-animal bond and returning the boundless love we receive from our pets.

The team at Companion Veterinary Clinic is your source for your pet’s healthcare information. Through client education we will empower you to make the best healthcare decisions for your pets and your family.
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You may phone us at 780-439-4353 to schedule your appointment, or submit an online appointment request. We encourage you to submit your information by visiting our “New Clients” page. Simply fill out the form and we’ll call you within one business day to confirm that we’ve received your information and to arrange an exact appointment date and time.

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